Whether a fire in the company, a product recall, plane crash or a hostile takeover - in high-frequency crisis situations there is hardly time for reflection. Everyone needs to know what to do. Therefore, professional crisis communication starts well before the crisis, with thorough preparation.


We develop potential crisis scenarios and train you with procedures and behavior. We comprehensively equip you for emergencies - from the composition of the crisis team, through text modules for press releases, to setting up a crisis hotline. On request, we also take over the speaker function in a crisis situation.

We ensure that you stand well despite the crisis in the public perception. Because we advise you in such a way that you communicate confidently and credibly even with critical inquiries by the press and the public. In this way, we and you succeed in maintaining the sovereignty over the events and protecting your image.


+49 (0)177 - 545 75 77

We are at your disposal under this hotline number. Every day, around the clock.


Whether it's a corporate fire, a plane crash, a product recall or a prosecutor's visit - you're faced with the question of whether and how you should communicate the events to the press and the public.


Trust in our consulting experience and get in touch with us. Our experienced crisis consultant will assist you with the concentrated experience of more than 15 years of crisis communication.

"We have to be available to our customers at all times - 365 days, 24 hours. Because crises do not stick to opening hours. "
Alexander Schmitt-Geiger



Our crisis team has an almost inexhaustible wealth of experience in dealing with crises. Added to this are quickness, 24/7 availability and the ability to call up trained processes immediately.

Reputation-preserving crisis management is a matter of experience. We are competent crisis managers - for more than 15 years.



We prepare you comprehensively and professionally for crisis situations.

Our services in detail:

  • Strategic communication concept
  • Crisis Manual and Emergency Plan
  • Media and camera training
  • crisis simulation
  • Social Media & Dark Site
  • Text modules for press releases and social media posts
  • Footage and soundbites for TV, radio and online coverage
  • Assumption of the speaker function



In case of crisis, we are on the spot. No matter when, no matter where.Also internationally.

We are especially specialized in

  • Cybercrime and litigation
  • product recalls
  • restructuring
  • insolvencies
  • Corporate extortion
  • kidnappings
  • accidents