Political communication in the form of lobbying means accompanying legal developments actively instead of acknowledging them passively.


We monitor policy-making processes and identify opportunities to incorporate your positions into legislative decisions. If necessary, we engage in dialogue with decision-makers in Brussels, Berlin, the individual federal states and the municipalities.


With our communication consulting by political players, we ensure that complex issues become understandable to the public. This will create awareness and acceptance for political positions. Both in the election campaign, as well as in the daily political work.

We give your political positions the necessary approval and put your topics on the political agenda.



We run lobbying out of passion and conviction. As in the case of executive and judicial acts, also in the case of legislative acts, those who are affected by them, must be able to express their opinion in advance. Nothing else is lobbying.


For this we have strong networks in parties, administrations and parliaments.


So we are able to bring the arguments of our customers in the political discourse.



Campaign planning is a balancing act between cool strategy and playful thinkink-outside-the-box.


Als Neue-Wege-Geher ist für uns jede Kampagne ein einzigartiger Anreiz, noch nie Dagewesenes zu kreieren.


We are enthusiastic campaigners, who wants to create awareness for our clients. We want our campaigns to be understood, to generate encouragement, and to bring people to action.



The supreme discipline of our political communication. We raise issues on the political or public agenda that have´t played a role so far. We succeed in sparks spraying topics and significantly influencing the relevant discourse.


This is how we turn our clients' topics into public topics.




Information is the currency of politics. Because in the political discourse is about to have informationons on relevant topics as early as possible.


We achieve this for our customers with political monitoring that works both software- and network-based.


For our customers we have eyes and ears at the control centers of politics. This way, our customers are always well informed about upcoming political developments and can react at an early stage.



We advise our clients on all strategic issues. Here we offer the concentrated experience of over 12 years of political communication.


We have particularly tricky forward thinkers in our ranks.


They love to take on the role of "advocatus diaboli" in preparation and try to torpedo our strategy. This will allow us to sharpen our actions and optimize the power of our strategy."