Hambacher Forst, 3rd runway Munich, Stuttgart 21 - only a few names describe: people want to have a say. No matter whether roundabout, airport expansion or landfill, the realization of such projects depends on the communication skills of those woh are involved.


With many years of experience in citizen communication, we advise, support and communicate at all stages of such infrastructure projects. From informative meetings, dialogue events and mediations, to accompanying social media and press work - we mediate, even when the situation seems hopeless, and show solutions that all sides can accept.

We moderate and mediate in public relations projects. Fair and appreciative, so that all sides can accept the result.



People want to be involved in infrastructure projects in their living environment, they want to decide and contribute their ideas. Therefore classic top-down plans are hardly accepted by the population.


There are many opportunities for public participation in the construction of power plants, highways, industrial parks or landfills.


We are experienced political and administrative professionals, mediators and communication experts. Our most important tool: gut feeling based on years of experience!


In doing so, we assess the conflict situation among the participants, compile comprehensive stakeholder analyzes and recommend the tailor-made concept of public participation.


In the events designed and conducted by us, we bring together different perspectives and points of view. We moderate the exchange of views and seek solutions, together with the participants. Fair, appreciative and result-oriented.


In our toolbox we bring along different formats for such events. Our experience tells us what suits best.




The climate among the participants shapes the course and outcome of public participation. This climate is largely determined by the tone and content of the debates about the project. In traditional, as well as in social media.


With strategic issue management we take over an active role in the discussion forums.


We set topics and put our stamp on the discourse. By doing so, we avoid at an early stage, that fronts harden and compromises become impossible.